Major Real Estate Developments that have been renamed or rebranded

What’s in a name? Plenty in the real estate industry, as it often has to embody the lifestyle and function of the property it represents, and making it subject to change in some instances.

Rebranding is common in almost any type of industry, often as a result of change in marketing strategy or as an attempt to disassociate with another namesake brand. An example of this is when Megaworld Corporation had to change a condominium project’s name from “The Trumps” into “One Central” to not be confused or be in conflict with the brand of now U.S. president Donald Trump in 2007.

While not quite as constant as the changes with the landscapes being developed, name change does indeed occur with local real estate projects, and the following are some which have changed names in recent years, but are sometimes still confused with their previous names.

Find out the Top 6 names that are renamed or rebranded.


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