3 Reasons Why Yuppies Should Invest on Real Estate

Metrobank encourages yuppies to invest on items that appreciate in value like property through offering their flexible terms to their clients. Find out more in the article below. 

MANILA — Many young professionals believe in “YOLO,” or “you only live once” which enforces their desire to do things that make them happy at the moment, no matter how fleeting.
To keep up with the trend, yuppies succumb to spending their hard-earned income buying stuff that only depreciate in value, such as gadgets and trendy clothes.

Financial experts, however, warned that these are not wise investments in the long run. While happiness is important, they see such purchases as a temporary reinforcement that leaves no lasting effect. It is still wiser to invest on items that appreciate in value like property.

Real estate, especially in an in-demand location, is a much coveted asset in the city, especially given the growing demand for space. It is also important to consider security and accessibility as these will make the property more attractive and marketable.

Apart from that, here are three other reasons why you should invest on real estate:

1. It makes you feel independent.
Owning your own home forces you to live like an adult. It allows you more freedom to decide on your own and the privacy to pursue your own interests.
It also makes you more responsible because owning a house requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep it safe and in good condition. It’s like getting a car – although property is meant to last more than a lifetime.

2. It is a good ego-booster.
Your friends, family, and colleagues will surely see you differently once you start living independently. They will regard you as financially smart, who values long-term investments.
Owning a house – or a condo unit — will also give you a feeling of accomplishment that you can never get with a pair of sneakers, designer bags or trendy gadgets.

3. It makes you more financially mindful.
Since owning a home requires monthly expenses – on top of your mortgage payments — it will teach you how to be more responsible in handling your finances. This will also encourage you to work harder and find other ways to earn more.
Buying a house may sound too big a move for a young professional but with the right financial partner, this dream investment is not too far from reality.

Considered as the largest and strongest bank in the country, Metrobank offers flexible terms to their clients. These will allow you to maximize the value of your money by offering competitive monthly amortization plans so you can better manage your finances while maintaining your lifestyle.

Visit http://www.metrobank.com.ph to learn more about their offers.

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